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Windows VPS Cheap is a service that provides VPS virtual servers pre-installed with Windows operating system for software testing and application testing of customers. Our mission is to simplify Windows VPS so developers and businesses can spend more time creating software that changes the world.

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Earning trust every day is our core value proposition to our customers and to each other. We must be trustworthy, because the opportunity to serve our customers is larger than any one of us.

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Kamron Beier Jr.


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Elouise Torp

Windows Expert

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Dr. Lempi Goyette

Customer Care Professional.

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Zora Goldner Sr.

Marketing Department


Very satisfied with the service quality of Windowsvpscheap.com, you are very enthusiastic.

Prof. June Wilkinson Jr.- Kilback, Herman and Schroeder

I admire your spirit of working and serving the community, you are full of energy and enthusiasm, I wish you more success.

Tremaine Predovic DVM- Kemmer, Ortiz and Johnson

I feel secure and comfortable working with you, a sincere team.

Demetris Beahan- Lynch, Hilpert and Mayer

Your Windows VPS service is worth using, I am completely surprised at the price and quality received. You helped me more than I expected.

Fritz Corwin- Kuvalis Group

Our company has found a reliable partner, which is you, the best quality Windows VPS service I have ever known.

Consuelo Kris- O'Kon and Sons